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We are a company that is committed to the WHY behind everything we DO. We intentionally keep our company small so that everyone involved in our business receives the highest levels of attention and effort. Although small in numbers, we strive to be incredibly impactful through how our agents interact with people, what we stand for, how we think, how we represent clients, and of course, how we buy and sell real estate.


Synonyms of Impactful: affecting, impressive, moving, poignant, significant, stirring, meaningful, provoking.


In a world that continues moving faster and achieving more, aiming higher and reaching further, our team remains rooted in the relational connection between people. Next Phase aims for an impact that is centered on quality, not quantity.  We resolve issues aggressively, but diplomatically.  We are passionate, but tactful. We work in collaboration, not competition. We think creatively, but practically. And we always put people first.


We were asked the other day, Why would I choose to work with an agency that is small, or with an agent that is less experienced? To which we answered, Because you are going to receive everything we have!


When creating impact is the goal, the person becomes the priority, not the sale or the commission.  YOU are the priority when working with Next Phase.  YOU are why we work so hard and why we stay committed to continually bettering our agents and office culture.


As a company, we look forward to any opportunity to connect with you!  For the opportunity to be impactful, but also be impacted by who you are, and the why behind what you do.  Thank you, for taking time to review our page and letting us introduce ourselves. We look forward to connecting with you!