Eric Vegh

Eric Vegh moved into the Willamette Valley in 2005 after having spent over five years traveling abroad and living in Italy. His time over seas gave him a keen appreciation for differing cultures, diverse worldviews, and the varying concepts for the word “home”. He quickly recognized the amazing home that Eugene and Springfield would make. In 2008 he went to work for a family within the Subway franchise. It was here that he received mentoring in business and management. Through the school-of-hard-knocks and hard work, Eric applied what he was taught and was able to establish a career in business

In 2008 Eric married Andrea, a native Oregonian from Salem, and the two began building a life together. This life involved real estate right from the beginning. Andrea was a student of architecture, making home design and remodeling her forte. Together, Eric and Andrea built a family, while buying, remodeling, and selling their first homes. They learned how to leverage a house and creative financing to make the home work towards achieving their financial goals. It was a very natural next step for Eric to join the Next Phase Real Estate team and begin helping others buy and sell their homes.