Marilee Proulx

Marilee is committed to treating all parties to a transaction with honesty and care. She loves being with people, will work tirelessly to match your real estate goals with a specific property and will strive for nothing less than your complete satisfaction.

Marilee has been part of the Eugene community for almost 40 years. Having raised two children through the Eugene school system, taking an active role by volunteering for multiple assignments over a 20 year period, she has come to understand how this community works. Marilee has been in business with her husband as self-employed small business owners for the past 25 years. Together they have employed hundreds of employees building a company that has five locations in the Eugene/Springfield area. She understands the fabric of how the Eugene market functions and will use the skills she has developed for your benefit. Marilee has been in your shoes many times from purchasing her first home out of foreclosure, to her current fifth home. She has been involved with new construction, condominiums, apartments and commercial properties. Marilee has a broad base of knowledge that helps her provide insight into every real estate transaction.

Marilee was born in North Dakota, but was raised in Eugene. She has been married for 35 years, and has two grown children. Marilee love to be active in the outdoors.

Marilee commits to you her personal service and hard work because to her you are important!

You can find more at Marilee's website