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    Here at Next Phase we are building an unique culture, which places taking care of people at the highest level. Our belief is that a client's or agent's value is not defined by the size of their goals or achievements, but by who they are as people. With this being at the foundation of every relationship, it allows us to intensely focus on the task at hand to achieve exactly what you're looking for! Whether you are the buyer, the seller, or the agent on the other end of the transaction, we use every encounter as an opportunity to extend our unique culture.

    Within all industries—real estate, especially—connecting points are vital for the success of both the business and its clients, and Next Phase is leading the way! The first step to creating success is matching every client with an agent that fits who you are and what you are looking for in your real estate experience. We greatly look forward to partnering with you in your Next Phase of real estate.

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    Jared Hicks

    Jared is a native of Eugene with an extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, Eugene/Springfield community, and specific neighborhoods within.....learn more

    Mark Gray

    Born in Eugene, OR to a family of real estate investors, Mark is not only knowledgeable about the area, but at an early age was exposed to buying, selling and managing property. ....learn more

    Tana Overman

    Tana Overman is a native Oregonian. She studied Elementary Education at the University of Oregon and Child Development at California State University....learn more

    Jessie Proulx

    Jessie is a Eugene native who graduated from Churchill High School and later played for the Oregon Ducks soccer team where she graduated with a degree in Math and Spanish. ....learn more

    David Sargent

    David is the newest broker associated with Next Phase Realty. While new to Next Phase, David has an extensive business background....learn more

    Bill Proulx

    Bill Proulx brings 40 years of prior business operations and financial management experience to bear in his commercial real estate practices.....learn more

    Marilee Proulx

    Marilee is committed to treating all parties to a transaction with honesty and care. She loves being with people, will work tirelessly to match your....learn more

    Eric Vegh

    Eric Vegh moved into the Willamette Valley in 2005 after having spent over five years traveling abroad and living in Italy. His time over seas ....learn more